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The Beauty of Lavender Mist ( Hydrosol )

Lavender Mist is a by product of lavender essential oil during distillation. As the steam

that has been forced through the lavender plants it condenses to liquid with the oil

floating to the top of the separator and the hydrosol (plant water) can be recovered also.

The following benefits are derived from fresh or dried lavender plants grown here in

Tennessee and have NO additives. Unlike essential oil undiluted hydrosol is safe enough to

clean babies, remove make-up (even mascara) with no stinging. Whether you use it for

cleaning, calming, or keeping your family safe from bug bites this product is chemical

free.Here are just a few of the uses for hydrosol:

1. Cleaning: Lavender hydrosol is an antibacterial, naturally scented, a powerful grime

cleaner. I have used it to take labels off of glass.

2. Babies: using a disposable cloth this can be used to wipe your baby clean, can be added

to a bath, an added benefit is the naturally calming effect of lavender.

3. Pets: Hydrosols can be used to soothe itchy fur, repel fleas and ticks and treat

infections. Unlike essential oils that can be poisonous when an animal cleans itself,

hydrosols are safe.

4. Fresh Linen: Keep your linens fresh by spraying them with lavender hydrosols to keep

that musty, moldy smell of stored linens. Keep your wool and winter clothing fresh for

when you need it.

5. Bug Repellant: This is a natural bug repellant you can spray on your face, hair, clothes

without an oily residue. Say good bye to ants, fleas, ticks, mites, gnats, mosquitoes,

spiders, earwigs, fruit flies and bugs you'll just never see because they HATE lavender

hydrosol! Does not sting eyes, all natural, no added poisons.

6. Energy Replenish: Use hydrosols on a wash cloth, lay back and relax for 15 minutes to

ease eye strain and general malaise,

7. Ear Aches relief: Ensure the hydrosol is room temperature and drop 2-3 drops in an

affected ear to relieve blocked ear, ear infections and ear pain.

8. Aftershave: Men and women both can use lavender hydrosol spray after shaving to help

heal minor cuts of abrasions while leaving behind a clean fresh scent.

9. My personal favorite is to take a spray bottle on car trips. It can be used to wash

children's sticky fingers and faces when sprayed on a paper towel then can refreshen a

tired driver by placing over eyes at a rest area for 10 minutes or feel fresher by wiping

over your face. Can help calm a car with spraying on upholstery and just inhaling its beauty.

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