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keep calm and carry lavender

Fair Winds Lavender is a farm in the beautiful upper Cumberland Plateau in Jamestown, Tennessee that provides visitors with tips on growing lavender and all the wonderful chemical-free health benefits it offers. We help make things for our customers’ bodies and homes, like creating gift packs for keeping and giving, and helping them add a new, fun, herb to their favorite recipes.

Visit Our Lavender Farm!

Welcome to the website of Fair Winds Lavender in Jamestown, Tennessee. Our farm is open to visitors, so feel free to bring all your friends and family for a relaxing and educational tour. We’ll teach you all about the different kinds of lavender, their uses, and their benefits. We can also share useful tips on how to grow your own.

What We Do

We plant, tend, harvest, and steam distill Munstead and Grosso lavenders. They’re great for wreaths and wands! We also grow Hidcote, a kind of lavender that is used for culinary mixes and wreaths. These come in blue, pink, and white.

Fair Winds Lavender also has a small store and production center under construction. We anticipate opening by October. We currently make small batches of body care products and baking items available at our online store.

Our Future Plans

Our store and bakery are open 4 days a week. You will be able to get lavender extract for cooking and flavoring teas and coffee, lavender water that is an all-natural lavender body spray, and lavender tea blends. For those who purchased plants this year, please share a picture to show us how it's growing.

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